Digitize your process in three easy steps


Send us your form, and we will convert it to a digital template in Capptions at no cost.


1. Upload your files 

Upload either a Word, PDF, or Excel document using the form below. You can upload one file to be converted into a Capptions template.


2. We assess your requirements 

Our team will schedule a call with you to understand your process better.


3. We convert your document 

Our team will convert your form into a digital template, build a process, and customize your report template.


4. Start conducting inspections

We will reach out to you when your template is ready. Watch out for an email from our team within three working days.


Your form will be shared with our team and turned into a template on Capptions. With the submission of your email, you agree that Capptions may send you promotional email communication with updates about the platform, offers, and marketing messages that are in line with our Terms of Service.

Please submit only  Word, PDF, or Excel documents. Our team will use language translation to convert files that are in languages other than Dutch & English. Please be mindful of this when reviewing the converted template.